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Frequently Asked Questions.

  (And some anwers).

1. Are you willing to sell this tool?
A. Not yet, that is still in development.
Update. The Spam-Killa desktop tool is now available for Windows users 27/12/2007,
a Java based vesion for non-Windows users will be available soon.

2. Are there any buttons that say, "done", "submit" or "execute" that informs the user that the tool had done its function.
A. When you type in your email server address, email username and the password the script gets the headers only of your emails and displays them on the page. You then get to choose which of them you want to keep. All of the emails that you don't wish to keep will be deleted from your email server - this is not a reversable function. Yes, there are buttons at the appropriate places but you have to get to them first.

3. I personally, indeed, don't like put my email address and/or password of my email publicly, even though you said it does not STORE here. Is it possible to give the script so the users can test it on their own PC, not online.
A. Every time you start your emails client (Outlook, Eudora, Pegasus, Thunderbird etc you send your email details in plain text to the email server. Email servers won't accept anything else. When you use the non-registered version of this script you have to type in your details every time you revisit the site. If you register, there is a special page to collect only the information you are willing to store and encrypts it with a propriety technique before the data is sent to the database. The only details I store in plain text in the database are your mail server name (no secret with that, it will be either mail.domain, pop3.domain or smtp.domain) and your choice of username, everything else is encrypted. The advantage of registering is that you can now store your white list on the database (encrypted - one way) and the script will pre-sort your emails to speed up your decision making. You cannot check your emails on your email server off line. It isn't possible to test this on your PC (unless you run your own email server, but you won't have much to test). I built this for me and I love it, I use it every day and have been for 2 months. I only asked for help after I got the security in place as I know how eager any spammer would be to get access to all the guaranteed real email addresses in the database, but even I can't get them.

4. Why don't you build this tool for many email accounts, not just one?
A. There are no restrictions to the number of email accounts you can use check with this tool. If you are a registered user you can only store up to three (3) email account details but that still doesn't prevent you from checking more than three.

5. Why don't you build this tool for one-stand-alone product that users can use it at their PC WHILE TESTING IT ONLINE?
A. That's in development but I needed this tool now for my use.
Update. The Spam-Killa desktop tool is now available for Windows users 27/12/2007,
a Java based vesion for non-Windows users will be available soon.

6. I have registered the Spam-Killa through the desktop window but it still doesn't work.
What's wrong with it?
A. Nothing, you need to go to the email address you provided and click the confirmation link.
This activates the program and your 30 day trial begins. You can join at any time to
get permanent access.

email brent at spam-killa dot com

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